Garden Progress

One of the reasons we were so anxious to buy a house was for the soul purpose of having a vegetable garden.  We started one last year and purchased all our non GMO verified seeds from  It turned out great but was a big experiment as to what grows well in our yard and just gardening in general.

If you have limited sun in your yard like us (here in Brentwood that is a good thing, the summers are brutal), then we have found that lettuce, bok choy, parsley, radishes thrive in the shade.  Ours grow in an area with about 2 hours of sun a day.


We had little success with our pumpkins, we grew one successfully but we’re gonna try again this year.  We planted some broccoli and brussel sprouts in the fall.  Matt decided he wanted to just scatter the seeds everywhere in the garden bed (SMH…big no no).  Once they all sprouted I went through and got rid of a bunch so that I could leave some space between each plant.  By the way, you aren’t supposed to plant brussels and broccoli in close proximity, something my wonderful husband who I love so much did not read.  Anyway, so I got rid of a bunch, spaced them, and I am just now seeing broccoli sprouting.


We planted Romanesca Italian broccoli, I will post pictures of the progress later.  So far it seems to be doing good where it’s at.  It gets about 3-4 hours of sun per day.

Next we have our artichokes.  We started the seeds last spring and here is our largest one today.   We’re really hoping to get some artichokes this year!  It really started growing once the weather got cooler, which is no surprise as Castroville, CA is the artichoke capital of America (it is near Monterey, very cool foggy weather).


Will post progress of our garden as the year goes on, next week we are ordering our compost and planting some new seeds.  Stay tuned!

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