Another Walk in my Garden…Spring is Springing!

My garden is coming along great!  The artichoke plants are huge, no artichokes yet but I am hopeful we’ll get some this year.  We are enjoying eating the broccoli and I am also allowing them to flower so that the seeds spread.  Same goes for the Bok Choy, it’s pretty much gone but the flowers are spreading seeds.  Here are a few pictures from today:

First artichoke plant


Broccoli flowering away!


These are peas, they are growing up a trellis.  The flowers are beautiful and the kids often go back there to pick some snacks 🙂


Calendula (and St. Francis in the background)


Tigerella Tomato plant just transplanted outside last week


Matt’s scorpion peppers (supposedly the hottest peppers on the planet) just transplanted last week


Ok this basket is from the dollar store!  Gardening does NOT have to be expensive, we start everything from seeds which makes it much cheaper (plus teaches you patience and the satisfaction of fully enjoying the garden you have nurtured from the start).  I did cheat with the basket though, flowers were purchased from Lowe’s for like $3 so this whole basket cost me about $5.


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