“Party Night” McVicker Style

Ever since my kids were babies, we have had family movie nights every Friday night. We call these nights “party night” as that’s what Matts family called it growing up. It’s a celebration to the beginning of the weekend and a way to bond as a family. Sometimes we rent new releases on redbox, and sometimes we watch old classic favorites. This is such an easy way to bring the family together and it’s cheap as well. We always have pizza (sometimes take out, sometimes homemade, recipes to follow), soda (the one time a week the kids get soda), popcorn, and beer for mom and dad! I’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite family movies. We’ve watched many movies together but these listed here are movies we’ve all really enjoyed, in sure I’ll be adding to the list from time to time. I’ve categorized these in order of our generation (80s/90s kids) and current gen releases, Halloween, and Holiday. Hope you find our list helpful in selecting your movie night movie!

By the way, the list is always evolving, I will add to it when we find new favorites but to date these are our faves!

McVicker Movie Favorites 80s/90s

Star Wars (1, 4, 5, 6)

The Sandlot

Harry and the Hendersons


Super man (OG with Christopher Reeves)

X Men

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (90s version)




So I Married an Axe Murderer

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Space Jam


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Flight of the Navigator

Dumb and Dumber

Edward Scissor hands


Mighty Duck (1,2)

SNL collection Best of Chris Farley


Cone heads

Jurassic Park


The Karate Kid


Mrs. Doubtfire

McVicker Movie Favorites 2000+

Star Wars (2, 3, 7, Rogue One)


Pirates of the Caribbean

Jurassic world

Guardians of the galaxy (1,2)

Man of Steel

Dawn of Justice

Inside out

Lion King

School of Rock

Lego Movie



Iron Man

Captain America

McVicker Halloween Favorites 🎃💀👻

Nightmare before Christmas (can watch all season long!)





Poltergeist (1,2)


Ghostbusters (OG 1,2 and remake)

Corpse bride

Charlie Brown The Great Pumpkin

Hocus Pocus



Hotel Transylvania (1,2)

Book of Life (day of the dead)


Mom and dad faves we haven’t showed the kids yet…

Donnie Darko

Halloween (all)

Nightmare on elm street (all)

The Craft

Friday the 13th


Final Destination

I know what you did last summer

The Hills Have Eyes

McVicker Holiday Favorites 🎄

Home Alone (1,2)

Polar Express

Christmas Story

Christmas Vacation

Charlie Brown Christmas

Bad Santa (just Mom and Dad) 🥃 🎅🏼


Lately I just haven’t made time to make homemade dough, we’ve just been ordering pizza from the pizza parlor.  However the below pizza dough recipe is a definite crowd pleaser, I need to start making it again!  We also pick up hansens soda, beer for Matt and I, and always have plenty of popcorn on hand!

Aunt Diane’s Pizza Dough

Chill bread flour in fridge.  This flour is higher in gluten and is the best.

Mix 4 1/2 cups bread flour

1 3/4 tsp salt

1 tsp yeast

1/4 garlic flavored olive oil

1 3/4 C ice water (add ice above line and then take out ice)

Use a kitchen aid with dough hook to mix. Mix this all together on number 2.  The dough should be elastic and not stick to side of bowl but may stick a little to the bottom of the bowl.   After it is all mixed, I let it knead for 6 minutes on number 2.

Take dough out of bowl, cut into 4-6 pieces and wrap in plastic wrap (sprayed with cooking spray)

It is best to let it rest at least 24 hours in the fridge, but is you make it in the morning and let it rest it will still be good.

Before you plan to use it, take it out of the fridge for about an hour so it gets to room temp.

This dough will stretch nicely.  Put the stretched dough on a large wooden cutting board (or “peel” with a handle/bought mine at WIlliams SOnoma) that is lightly covered in corn meal.  This helps get the dough off the cutting board.  Best to cook on a pizza stone.

Preheat oven to as high as it goes.  I can get mine up to 550.  “peel” off the pizza with toppings on to the heated pizza stone.  Best ingredients for pizza are a thick marinara sauce/pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano and parm.


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