Campfire Nasi Goreng

We just got back from camping and I decided to attempt making nasi goreng over the campfire….it came out awesome! Here is the recipe.


2 cups cooked rice (I cooked at home before hand and stored in a freezer bag)
1 lb applewood smoked bacon
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
8 eggs
2 tbsp sambal oeleck terasi
1 lbs shrimp (mine was already cooked)
salt and pepper


Place pan over the campfire. Cut bacon into pieces and cook in pan. Once bacon is cooked add garlic and onion, cook for 30 seconds to a minute stirring constantly. Add sambal and stir. Crack 3 eggs over the pan and stir eggs in (no need to scramble before). The liquid should be thick and orange in color. Add shrimp and stir, cooking for about a minute. Lastly, add rice and stir ingredients together well.


I always like to have a fried egg (tjeplokt) over my rice and since we were camping and had limited dish wear I just cracked 5 eggs over the rice, put the lid on, and cooked it into the rice but not too long because you want the yolk runny. Enjoy!


Nasi Goreng with Chicken and Tjeplok


Traditionally, nasi goreng is made with shrimp (not chicken) and sambal oeleck terasi…..but I felt like chicken today ūüôā ¬†And, as always, must have a “tjeplok” which is a “fried egg” or sometimes called “telor goreng….but my family always says tjeplok. For me it’s important that the yolk run all over the rice!


1 lb organic chicken thighs, cooked and diced*

1 1/2 cups white jasmine rice

1 lb bacon

1 tbsp sunflower seed oil

5-6 shallots, chopped

2-3 cloves garlic, chopped

2 tbsp sambal oeleck

3 eggs

3-4 scallions


-Cook rice

-Cut bacon into 1 inch pieces and saute in large pan or wok over medium high heat.

-Cook until crisp (5-10 min) and remove from pan and let drain on paper towel

-Leave bacon grease in the pan and add about 1 tbsp of sunflower seed oil (you could easily leave this out)

-Add garlic and shallots, saute about 30 seconds

-Add sambal and stir ingredients together

-Crack 3 eggs into the mixture and mix until eggs are cooked (you can whisk the eggs before if you want but I never do and neither does my Oma)

-Add rice and stir ingredients together really well, the rice should be a light orange color

-Add cooked chicken and stir

-Add scallions and stir well

While the rice is cooling, fry yourself up some eggs to go on top of your rice.  Selemat Makan!

*To cook chicken thighs, I marinated them in samba, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon.  Cook in the oven at 350 about 45 minutes.



Nasi Kuning (yellow rice)

This rice is amazingly delicious and so easy to make! ¬†In our family, we usually pair all Indo dishes with Nasi Goreng, so this is actually the first time I’ve made this rice and certainly will not be the last! ¬†I’ve had it many times at Indonesian restaurants. ¬†This recipe is adapted from the book¬†The Food of Indonesia: Authentic Recipes from the Spice Islands. ¬†


short drizzle of peanut oil

1 1/2 cups uncooked long grain rice

2 tsp tumeric

1 1/2 cups (1 can) coconut milk

1/2 cup chicken stock

1 salam leaf (Indonesian bay leaf)

1 pandan leaf, tied in a knot

1 stalk lemongrass, bruised (basically you pound out the flavor with a hammer!)

3/4 inch galangal root, bruised

2 tsp salt

In a large bowl add rice, coconut milk and chicken stock.  Stir and set aside.

Add peanut oil to a non stick pan and turn heat up to med high heat. ¬†Add turmeric, lemon grass, panda, salam, galangal to the oil and heat about 1-2 minutes to bring the flavors out. ¬†Add rice, coconut milk and chicken stock to the pot. ¬†Be careful and add slowly as it will sizzle and you don’t want it to splash on you. ¬†Stir ingredients together. ¬†Cover and bring to a boil. ¬†Once boiling lower the heat and let cook until all liquid is absorbed by the rice.

Remove all leaves and galangal before serving.